Because connoisseurs need to give their trust to a great brand – one that is committed to doing its utmost to make and sublimate great wines.

We invite you to join us in our ambition to make very great wines, with crystalline precision and a distinguished and rare power, on the great Alsatian terroirs and in particular on the Grand Cru Schlossberg – 1st Grand Cru d’Alsace.

Marc Rinaldi

The passion to create
After a first life in aluminium and a second one in the car industry,
I wanted to work on improving the image of Alsace wine by the Grands Crus, hence the following actions:

  • In 2011: the “Vine Leaf” at the Colmar Wine Fair
  • In 2012: “Millésime Alsace”, the first professional Alsace wine exhibition.
  • In 2015: “ACT”, Alsace Crus et Terroirs with 18 other Domains.
  • In 2015: Construction of the Cave de Kirrenbourg SAS at the foot of the Grand Cru Schlossberg.
  • In 2016: “Martin Schaetzel by Kirrenbourg”.
  • In 2018: participation in ” AIVA ” (Alsace Wine Academy)
    Created by D. Destouches to share and transmit
    The necessary knowledge for the wine sector
  • In 2019: “Domaine Kirrenbourg” for export
    Whose originality is
    To use only well-known Grand Cru terroirs.
    With plot by plot vinification to obtain 3 levels of wine:
  • The Schlossberg and Brand Grands Crus
  • Terroirs S and B
  • The Granitic Rocks.

Jean Schaetzel

A passion for the land, the vine and wine
“The earth is my first passion. I devote all my energy to it and it returns it to me well.
I have trained many winegrowers while vinifying Martin Schaetzel wines until 2014.
Within the project, I now have the means to give the Alsatian vineyard what I wish for it the most:
the very great wines that will make it proud and internationally renowned.
I am taking part in this achievement and in training with us,
The taste of wine enthusiasts for an even more beautiful, more distinguished wine.
And with perfect straightness. »


Biodynamics, a line of conduct and ethics
“With Marc and Jean, we believe first of all that you have to give a lot to the land before it can give it back. In conversion to organic and biodynamic viticulture, I will make sure that our entire production is inspired by this approach.
The only thing that counts is talent and vigilance at all times: close to the vines, the soil and the climate, which each year redistribute the cards. This obliges us to adapt our knowledge and our attitude to this particular context, without ever totally mastering it… It suits me, I put my energy and more than 20 years of experience into it”.


A passion for viticulture and oenology for more than 20 years.
“After learning in prestigious estates
(Albert Mann, Marie Thérèze Chappaz, etc.),
I wanted to take technical responsibility for the Kirrenbourg project.
I have rediscovered my first love, the granite soils of the Schlossberg, and I have the means and the freedom to create the wines I want:
with the purest expression of nature, without technological artifices. »

L'histoire de la vigne

Déjà au II eme siècle, le Rhin a permis le déploiement commercial du Vin d’Alsace – très vite après que les conquêtes romaines aient permis de maitriser la vigne

La biodynamie et nos terroirs

Travailler en biodynamie est la façon la plus aboutie de permettre à la vigne de s’enraciner profondément tout en ayant envie de « toucher les étoiles »...