Since the Martin Schaetzel estate holds mostly Grands Crus terroirs, we have implemented plot-by-plot winemaking as used in Bordeaux, in order to come up with top wines called “Grand Cru Schlossberg” and “Grand Cru Brand”, and second wines going by the names “Terroir S” and “Terroir B”, respectively.


Annual average production: 45,000 bottles with 50% of Riesling-based wines.

From the 2016 vintage onwards, 80% of the grapes we use will stem from biodynamically-grown Grands Crus terroirs.


Winemaking follows on naturally from winegrowing. The grape’s natural qualities have to be found in the wine. The balance between all grape components -sugar, acidity as well as mineral elements and organic compounds- is the key to terroir.


The winery is fitted with 30 small and temperature-controlled vats, which enables us to vinify each plot separately in order to end up with a top cuvée (Grand Cru) and a second wine (Terroir).