Welcome to the Martin Schaetzel by Kirrenbourg Project


Our company intends to help improve the reputation of great wines from Alsace.

I believe…..

…Alsace is a land brimming with underrated talent.
…varietals grown on “Grands Crus” terroirs epitomize the diverse and rich character of Alsatian wines.
…the Riesling I like has a mineral feature to it due to granite in our soils…

I think ….

…that we will carry out our project with passion and commitment, because:

  • We have the best terroirs
  • We have implemented biodynamic farming;
  • We have had a new cellar built at the foothills of the Schlossberg hill; and,
  • We raise the Martin Schaetzel brand awareness.


I want to…

…give Alsace back a bit of what its Men have enabled me to enjoy in my industrial and automotive lives; help raise awareness about the quality of the WINES of Alsace, by having TRULY talented men helping me make BEAUTIFUL wines from the BEST terroirs.

Kirrenbourg is a lieu-dit -or location that has been given a name- within the Grand Cru Schlossberg area, which is the oldest, largest and most famous Grand Cru in Alsace.



Terroir wines do have character: They are both robust and firm.
Winegrowers make every effort to highlight the mineral character of each and every sub-soil. Through appropriate vineyard management -especially biodynamic farming that makes the soil even more lively and fruitful-, perfectly ripe grapes are grown, which then result in full-bodied, rich and very well-balanced wines.


Great vineyards achieve the chemistry of earth, weather, vines and men.


Entrepreneur – Investor
A Lover of Alsace Grands Crus

Christophe EHRHART

Vintner & Winegrower
Biodynamics as a course of action and ethical guidelines


Vintner & Winemaker
A passion for soil, vines and wines


The estate’s bespoke cellar has been built according to highly sophisticated specifications with design features unheard-of throughout Alsace, while taking into account tradition and the requirements related to great wines. From left to right and above: the winery, the pattern of the Alsatian Mann as seen on half-timbered houses -composed of vertical and slanting beams, the Mann takes the shape of two Ks opposed one to another- viewed from outside, and below: our terraced Grand Cru Schlossberg vineyards, the cellar and wood barrels viewed from the tasting table. This gives an overview of the wine growing, making and ageing processes.

For the past 30 years, Jean Schaetzel has been building up the reputation of “Martin Schaetzel”, founded in Ammerschwihr back in 1852.
Wine ranks and reviews in leading wine guides are tokens of his achievements so far:

  • Revue du Vin de France: 2 out of 3
  • Bettane et Desseauve: 2 out of 5
  • Gault & Millau: 6 out of 7
  • Parker: 3 out of 5

Ever since January 2016, Martin Schaetzel has been the brand name of Kirrenbourg sas, a subsidiary of Rinaldi, that farms world-renowned “Grands Crus Alsace” terroirs, including:

Schlossberg 4 hectares (10 acres)
Brand 3.30 hectares (8.15 acres)
Hengst & Rangen 0.70 hectares (1.73 acres) ea.

That is 8 hectares (20 acres) of Grands Crus out of 10 hectares (25 acres) in production.
We are gradually converting to organic and biodynamic farming, under Christophe Ehrhart’s management. Jean Schaetzel makes the wines while respecting natural balance and terroirs.

Annual average production: 45,000 bottles with 50% of Riesling-based wines.

We are a member of the Alsace Crus et Terroirs (ACT) association.