Le chai du domaine Kirrenbourg

In the heart of the vineyards

The winery plays a key role in the development of domaine Kirrenbourg wines.


Our customers are received in surroundings which are ideal for exploring the Alsatian terroir.

Le cuvier

The vat-house

The vat-house is designed along the traditional lines of the Alsatian Mann half-timbered building, which gives the vat-house its typical character and also links into local culture. The same traditions inspired the estate's logo (back-to-back K).

The layout dimensions were determined by applying the golden ratio (1.618).

Inside the vat-house are to be found 6 double-walled vats and 28 temperature-controlled micro-vats, to allow precise parcel-by-parcel vinification. The estate produces 3 levels of wine using this process : the prime level (Grand Cru), a second level (Terroir) and a third wine (Roche Granitique).

Lieu de rencontre, visite, dégustation des vins du domaine Kirrenbourg

The tasting room

The tasting room drew its inspiration from the wineries of California and South Africa. It is a unique room, with a friendly atmosphere offering visitors a comprehensive vista of the wine cycle.

The centrepiece is a table made from staves of an old cask, while around you will be able to see the terraces of the Schlossberg, the vat-house and the cellar, while inhaling the intense expression of our wines.

Kirrenbourg vins d'Alsace

Our expertise

" The texture of the wine comes before the aroma. "